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 Premium Point of Care System



Cutting Edge Innovation:  The GenesisTM employs proprietary design, Dual Laser and Impedance Technology with S4 (Solid State Syringe System).  The PhoenixTM employs proprietary Solid State Light Emitting Diode (LED) optical manifold and Linear Flow Technology.

Uses SmartSoftwareSM which automates all maintenance procedures

Mix and Process up to 5 Samples at 1 Time


The same technology as used by Reference Laboratories 

No Maintenance /Self Cleaning

Less than 1 minute of hands-on time to run multiple samples

Ideal for very small patient’s samples

Lab Manager Software by

Bi-Directional Interface
Hematology System Chemistry System

Now Partnering with AViD Laboratories

Customers of AViD Laboratories receive an average savings of 10 to 15% on their reference testing.  PLUS, qualifying Oxford Science customers can receive a rebate to off-set the cost of their new in-house laboratory equipment.  

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