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GenXTM Diff 7

    Setting a higher standard for in-house hematology.

Well-proven Technologies

GenXTM combines the best with the best

Laser Technology - for determining the complexity of the blood cell

Laser technology is “State of the Art” for determining the complexity of the blood cells

As each cell passes through the Laser, the laser beam shines through the cell and the light is scattered depending on the contents of the blood cell.

A single nucleus versus a lobulated nucleus versus granularity create a unique signature for each type of blood cell.

(Laser Technology:  best technology for intracellular complexity and lobularity measurements)

Impedance Technology – counting and sizing each cell

Impedance Technology is the “Gold Standard” for counting and sizing each cell

(Impedance Technology: best technology for cell sizing and counting)

Increased accuracy by calculating Impedance and Laser on the same cell traveling through the Sensing Zone providing less chance of corrupting or diluting the sample through separate processes.

GenXTM Diff7 is the only blood cell counter in the World, currently available for Veterinary  In-Clinic use, combining the power of both Laser and Impedance Technologies Cell-by-Cell Analysis Simultaneously to report Enumerated Band Neutrophils, Nucleated Red Cells and Reticulocytes.

Hb LED Technology—repeatable hemoglobin results

Using a Light Emitting Diode integrated into Flow Cell Technology ensures repeatable accurate Hb results.  LED provides a stable process to provide a narrow band width and longevity of use over previous technology.

Quality Control

The electro-optical flow cytometer performs 5 sequential counts for the white blood count, red blood count and platelets on every sample.  The process consistently searches for morphological and distributional abnormalities and will flag when detected. Flags include Bands and other abnormalities.  The positive displacement pumps inject the sample and after each count reverse flush the aperture, virtually eliminating any potential for clogs or clots.  The system is ready to analyze a sample 24 hours a day, no start-ups, no shutdowns and no weekly maintenance.

Use the GenXTM to obtain a complete blood count to use in pre-anaesthetic screenings, base lines, monitoring and emergencies.

And remember it is always best to perform hematology tests in house as tests performed on blood more than 5 hours old can give unreliable results.